„Dead Man Working“ is an exceptional film in every respect. It has a political message, closely-observed psychological notes, a fast-paced rhythm, and radical visuals." (Jury - Grimme Preis 2017)

High-powered investment banker Jochen Walther (Wolfram Koch) is at the height of his career at Bank der Deutschen. He and his personal assistant, Tom Slezak (Benjamin Lillie) have just engineered the deal of a lifetime. Then, on the night of the victory celebration, Walther surprises everyone by jumping off the roof of the bank’s headquarters in Frankfurt.
Was it suicide, or even murder? The markets are nervous and the stock index begins to fall. Although the bank’s management denies any responsibility, the banker’s widow makes grave allegations in a television interview the next day. She claims the bank drove her husband to his death. So who is sick in this scenario? The individual or the organization? And how deep in trouble was the couple’s marriage? A bitter feud breaks out between the bank and the widow. Stuck in the middle of it all is Walther’s former assistant, Tom, as he searches for the truth – and for a new mentor.

Grimme Prize 2017 (Fiction)

Nomination Deutscher Kamerapreis 2017 (Best DoP + Best Editor)

Nomination Hessischer Filmpreis 2016 - Best Actor Wolfram Koch



TV Fiction Film
Length: 88 min.
Format: HD, cinemascope
Germany, 2016

Director: Marc Bauder
Script: Dörte Franke/ Khyana el Bitar
Director of Photography: Börres Weiffenbach
Film Editor: Stefan Blau
Music: Thomas Kürstner/ Sebastian Vogel
Sound: Peter Senkel
Production Manager: Uli Dautel
Producer: Liane Jessen, Jörg Himstedt
Editors: Jörg Himstedt (HR), Christine Strobel (ARD Degeto)

A Production of Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) and ARD Degeto. 


Filmfest München 2016
Festival des deutschen Films Ludwigshafen 2016               
Filmfest Oldenburg 2016
Cinequest Filmfestival, USA 2017
INPUT 2017, Thessaloniki


"A small masterpiece." (SPIEGEL ONLINE)

An intelligent and very entertaining thriller, with great acting and dramatic timing.” (Deutschlandradio - Corso Kultur nach 3).

"Nobody portrays the implosion of closed financial systems as impressively as director Marc Bauder." (RP online)