Stephan Biesenbach (42) is a successful manager on his way to the top. For work, he regularly commutes between Hamburg, Berlin and Stockholm, and his work days rarely end before midnight. Needless to say, his body has often signaled that it can’t maintain this driven workload.
At home in Hamburg, his wife bears the burden of his career ambitions – for fifteen years, the couple has been living a weekend marriage. And it’s not easy for the kids, either, to deal with their father’s many absences.
When Biesenbach receives an invitation from corporate headquarters to become a permanent fixture in Stockholm, the offer is tempting. Yet, while it would be an enormous step for his career, his wife has made her position clear. Neither she nor the kids are moving. It’s time to make a decision…



Germany 2007

Länge: 45 Min
Format: HD

Screenwriter and Director: Marc Bauder
Director of Photography: Börres Weiffenbach
Film Editor: Marc Accensi
Sound Editor: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
Producer: Marc Bauder
WDR Editor: Petra Nagel 

A bauderfilm production at the behest of WDR “Menschen Hautnah,” 2007



Vogel Prize 2008



“With its commanding images and its honesty, this film exposes the contradictions of its protagonists.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung 

“Do we live to work, or do we work to live?”
Kölnische Rundschau 

“Is career advancement really worth more than a family with two kids?”