Fiction film, 90 Min
Director: Marc Bauder
Script: Doerte Franke/ Khyana Elbitar
Editor: Joerg Himstedt (HR/ARD)

“The cult surrounding suicide victims is the elitist’s dance around a surreal image of himself.” (Die Weltwoche, 2013)

What motives lie behind the rising suicide rates among managers? How much pressure to perform is there really within these companies, and how much importance can a normal life and family still have beside an 80-hour work week?


all pictures: © Matthias Hoch/ VG Bild-Kunst Bonn


Documentary, 90/ 45 Min
Director: Marc Bauder 
In development

Hardly a top staff member traverses the German business stage without a headhunter having had a hand in it.

Creative ideas and a finely spun web of contacts within the corridors of power help advisors continually succeed in nudging along their casting favorites and smoothing the way to a top career for talented managers. But who are these practiced contact brokers? Who really has access to the halls of power? And how do they go about choosing suitable candidates?


Fiction film in development
Director: Marc Bauder
Founded by Defa-Stiftung

Corruption is secretive, it happens away from the public eye. That’s in its nature.
Often, the only way to bring it into the light is through investigative journalism, reporting that challenges practices and institutions most normally wouldn’t dare to question.

But what happens when journalists are kept from doing investigative work? Worse yet, what if they’ve ceased digging? Even they can be corrupted, compromised.