Austria: In Styria, the conservative Austrian People’s Party has been in power for sixteen years. Now, their lengthy reign is being threatened by none other than communist city councilor Ernest Kaltenegger, a man who donates 60% of his salary to the needy, has an office decorated with pictures of Lenin and Cuban flags and refers to people as “comrade.” Anachronistic as it may seem, his Communist Party of Austria has already won 21% of the vote at the municipal elections. Even conservative voters secretly donate to his campaign. But can the party repeat its successful municipal model in the upcoming state elections?



Director: Marc Bauder
Germany/Austria, 2006

Length: 52 min.
Format: DigiBeta

Director: Marc Bauder
Director of Photography: Börres Weiffenbach
Film Editor: Rune Schweitzer
Sound Editor: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
Producers: Marc Bauder, Markus Fischer
ZDF/arte Editor: Martin Pieper

A bauderfilm production in co-production with FischerFilm (Austria) and ZDF/arte, 2006, sponsored by the Vienna Film Fund


Opening film at CROSSING EUROPE, Linz, 2007



“Marc Bauder conjures up a moody mosaic about Austria’s bull-headed communist party and the 2005 elections.”
Neues Volksblatt (Austria) 

“An engaging encounter with a fascinating figure.”
Innsbrucker Rundschau